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Rebuildable cars is a hot topic these days if you do auto restoration work on old project cars, and you may be interested in the following classic car restoration or muscle car restoration books. Whether you’re doing a vintage Mustang restoration, a Chevelle SS restoration or a C3 Corvette restoration, having a detailed “How to Restore Cars” book is essential in accurately restoring old classic cars back to their original factory condition. Guides and books are listed on, prices may change without notice.

Great Classic Car and Muscle Car Restoration Guides

Project Charger: The Step-by-Step Restoration of a Popular Vintage Car by Larry Lyles. An automotive restoration specialist, Larry provides his valuable insight in restoring a 1970 Dodge Charger, which can be used in the restoration of other unrestored muscle cars. Price Price: $9.64

How to Restore Your Muscle Carby Greg Donahue. This muscle car restoration book includes over 1,300 photos that offer detailed step-by-step coverage of the restoration process. Topics include disassembly, frame-off restoration, engine teardown and rebuild, transmission and rear-axle restoration, restoring a rolling chassis, and more. Tips included for locating carburetor rebuild kits and classic car restoration parts. Price: Price: $31.01

Challenger & Barracuda Restoration Guide, 1967-1974Paul Herd. Another great Mopar muscle car restoration guide. This E-Body reference book from the Authentic Restoration Guide series shows in-depth how to restore the Challenger and Barracuda Mopar muscle cars. Price: Price: $145.48

How to Restore Classic Car Bodywork by Martin Thaddeus. A great car body restoration guide, the topics discussed includes coverage of: tools; panel removal/fitting; sectional repairs; sills, floors and outriggers; chassis members; multiple panel assemblies; welding; metal forming techniques; tricks of the trade, and much more. Price: Price: $29.14

Automotive Bodywork & Rust Repair by Matt Joseph. Another great car body restoration book, it shows the ins and outs of tackling both simple and difficult rust and bare metal restore projects. Price: Price: $9.95

Charger, Road Runner, & Super Bee Restoration Guide by Paul Herd. Excellent Mopar muscle car restoration book. Comprehensive tips & suggestions regarding how to restore the Mopar B-Body cars. Price: Price: $124.90

Great Classic Car and Muscle Car Restoration Guides

Chevelle SS Restoration Guide/1964-1972 by Paul Herd. Published for the Authentic Restoration Guide series, this book covers the Chevelle SS restoration techniques for this great old muscle car that was manufactured from 1964 through 1972. Includes 350 photos and diagrams. Price: $16.00

Project Mustang: The Step-by-Step Restoration of a Popular Vintage Car authored by Larry Lyles. A great muscle car restoration book for Ford Mustang fans! The car restored for this Mustang restoration project is the teardown and build-up of a 1968 California Special Mustang. Price: Price: $13.99

How to Restore Your Collector Car: 2nd Editionby Tom Brownell and Jason Scott. An excellent classic car restoration book that will become a great resource for your future projects. Includes useful step-by-step instructions for all areas of restoration – mechanical, electrical, bodywork, and more. The co-authors go to great lengths to point out the materials, tools, and parts needed to get the job done correctly and on budget. Price: $15.96

Classic Car Restorer’s Handbook: Restoration Tips and Techniquesby Jim Richardson. For classic car restorers, this classic car restoration guide includes tips for frame-off restorations, body restoration, overhaul and engine rebuild, disassembly and carburetor rebuild, steering wheel restoration & more regarding how to restore old classic cars. Also includes a tip for locating rare & hard-to-find Mustang restoration parts. A valuable “How to Restore Cars” resource. Price: Price:$13.59

Practical Auto & Truck Restorationby John Gunnell. A helpful guide in evaluating the planning and potential costs involved on your unrestored project car. How to plan and organize your antique, classic or muscle car teardown and rebuild project to save you time and money. Price:  $7.99

Mopar Broadcast Sheet Decoderby Jake Hare. A must-have reference book for your Mopar muscle car restoration library. A complete step by step guide to decode any 1969-74 Mopar build sheet, line by line. Covers all models from Dusters to Hemi Chargers. Price Price: $13.95

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